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Konakli is situated a short distance west of the lively resort of Alanya, sandwiched beautifully between the Mediterranean sea and the pine covered Taurus mountain range. It has the feel of a Turkish resort with an authentic village aroma. You can enjoy great food, rolling beaches and undisturbed beauty on holidays to Konakli. It is possible to while away the day on one of the many beaches enjoying the view, holidays in Konakli have all you need to enjoy the Turkish atmosphere.


Konakli is the ideal place to wind down and enjoy a short break away from the office. One of the major advantages of Konakli is that the main coastal highway does not pass the beach front so you are guaranteed a much more peaceful experience. You can quite happily while away the hours bathing in the refreshing sea, enjoying lunch at one of the beach side restaurants and bars. If you're not a fan of sun bathing then trying the water sports is a must on the baking hot days. You can also take yacht trips and explore under the sea with scuba diving.

Konakli is fantastic to just wander around the well-kept streets. You can enjoy the markets where you can purchase the freshest fruit and vegetables picked from the surrounding fields. For the perfect refreshment you must also try some of the freshly squeezed juices that are available. You can also pick up some great souvenirs, with shops ranging from cheap to luxurious.

High above Alanya is a 14th Century citadel. Within its walls are great mosques a Byzantine church and vernacular houses. One of the most dominating features here is the Red Tower, which has become the towns official symbol. Below the citadel is a number of caves and coves, one that is worth a visit is the Damlatas, or “Cape of Dripping Stones” where you can see stunning stalagmites and stalactites. There are also walking routes through the surrounding hills which can make for an enjoyable day under the shade of the pine trees.


If you are looking for sun then Turkey is the place to come, having approximately 300 days of sunshine each year. So holidays to Konakli are perfect to satisfy your needs